Solid Carbide Drills

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Solid Carbide Drill, Solid Carbide Step Drills, Carbide Drill Bit, Long Drills, Step Drills, Solid Carbide Cutting Tools. We also provide Reconditioning Work, Resharpening and are Services Provider of all the products. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Bargir Tools Private Limited, manufactures high performance solid carbide drills (through coolant / non through coolant) suitable for various applications.
We also manufacture solid carbide special extra long drill suitable for deep hole drilling application and can be used with MQL (Minimum quantity lubrication).

We specialized in,

  • Extra long solid carbide Drills With internal coolant ( L/D RATIO UP TO 50mm )
  • Multi step solid carbide drill
  • Solid carbide Burnishing drill / Straight flute drill
  • Solid carbide Flat face drill
  • Solid carbide Single flute drill
  • Solid carbide Core drill (with 3 flutes)
  • Solid carbide Through coolant standard drills
  • Solid carbide Center drill
  • Solid carbide Taper drill
  • Solid carbide drills with burr-free geometry.
  • Solid carbide Specially designed drills as for special application.
  • Solid carbide double margin drills / solid carbide three margin drills